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Congo River Map | Congo River on Africa Map

In this article, we will be going to explore the important information on the Congo River Map. Here we will be providing a map of countries in Africa surrounding the congo river. In west-central Africa, this river is called the zaire river. The maps shown below will provide you with all networks of waterways that this river serves. River navigation is a vital part of maintaining a good economy for countries that share the river basin. Given below more links to explore more places for your reference.

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Congo River Map

congo river map


Let’s study the accurate labelling of the Congo River Map with its locations and routes. The congo river is the second longest river after the Nile in the world. The length of the river is 4,700km(2,90miles). The river is very long and shares its border with  9 countries in west central Africa. The depth of the river is 720 feet (220metres) which is the world’s deepest. The river is divided into three regions the upper, middle and lower. The upper region contains many tributaries, the middle region is firm streams and the lower part has waterfalls and gorges.

Congo River on Africa Map

congo river on Africa map


The maps given in this article have important features and structures that will be useful for you in any work of research and study. The congo river map is shared across 6 countries including Cameroon, The Central African Republic, The republic of congo, Equilateral Guinea, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon. It originates in the equatorial highlands and drains into the Atlantic Ocean on the continent’s west coast. The river has the richest species habitat in the world and is home to many plants, animals, fishes and birds.

Congo River on Map

congo river on map 


The river has a significant role in natural resources. It brags huge deposits of diamonds, copper and cobalt, gold, and cassiterite (tin ore). These resources are very beneficial for the people living there. Most natural resources found there are oil and gas. The river water is very useful for irrigation purposes. It grows many necessary crops like peanuts, cotton, tobacco and sugarcane. People use the water for transportation, trade and transferring goods. It is the producer and net exporter of crude oil. The republic of congo has rigid agriculture, industry and handicraft sectors.

Congo River on World Map

Congo river on world map PDF

This is very interesting to know that the congo river map has the second largest tropical rainforest in the whole world.60% of this forest deceit in the democratic republic of the congo. It is about 1.5 million square miles. The rainforest is rich in biodiversity where you can spot subspecies of gorillas. It  has elephants, chimpanzees, mountain gorillas, and bonobos. It has about 10,000 species of trees and plants. Mostly found trees are chinchona and teak trees. Chinchona and teak trees are very useful for medicinal and wood demand purposes.60% OF DRC makes up the two third of the congo river. The list given below is the famous 5 places to visit near the congo river :

  1. Basilique St.Anne(Architectural Building)
  2. Musee circle Africain(Museums)
  3. National Museum of the Democratic Republic of the Congo(famous museum)
  4. Cathedrale Saint-Pierre(Church and Cathedrals)
  5. Cote Sauvage(Famous Beach)

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