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Niger River Map | Niger River on Africa Map

In this article, we have given all information about the Niger River Map with all its characteristics. The niger river is a very special river in west Africa. It has a length of 4,180 km (2,600 miles). The river is clear river carries good quality sediments because its headwaters lie in ancient rocks that give little silt. the most important tributary is the Benue River which joins with the niger at Lokoja in Nigeria. It is the third longest river in Africa after Nile and congo. Given below the referral links for gaining more information on other river and world maps.

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Niger River Map

Niger river map


Let’s study the main features of the niger river map with all locations and routes. The river is the essential river of western Africa. Because of its long discharge and course, it is very beneficial to trade and civilization in all of western the late 19, century Journalist Flora Shaw suggested the name Nigeria for this river.

Niger River on Map

Niger river on map


Here describes the main use of this river with advanced navigation in the country. The niger is very crucial for giving navigation facilities to increase river depths and reduce river velocities. This river becomes navigable at Labbezanga and continues to the Atlantic ocean. Three fourth of the river is used for commercial shipping. Every year the river from the Atlantic Ocean to Onitsha navigates through large vessels.

Niger River on Africa Map

Niger river on Africa map 


The river has beautiful properties of making the environment peaceful and lovable by everyone. They are helping cities and towns in transferring waste. So, the niger river also has many cities near it like Tembakounda, Bamako, Lokoja, Onitsha, Niamey and Timbuktu which are lucky to have this river. The plants found here are hanja, umbrella tree, Karira and tamarind. There are many species of fish found in the niger river Nile perch, catfish, and carp. Big animals include hippopotamus, a variety of crocodiles and lizards. River fishing is the main occupation of many people living there.

Niger River on World Map 

Niger river on world map


The location of the niger river on the map is very clear for your reference. The river source is in the guinea highlands in southeastern guinea across the sierra leone border. This river protects 7.5%of the continent and extends over 10 countries. The river has its original name” egerou n-igareou” meaning the rivers of rivers given by Taureg.

3 Facts about the Niger river in Africa:

  1. It is the third longest river in Africa after Nile and Congo.
  2. The African countries niger and Nigeria are called after the niger river.
  3. Discharge of the niger river occurs at the niger delta in Nigeria which flows into the Atlantic Ocean along the gulf of guinea.

Where is Niger River on World Map

Where is niger river on world map 


The Niger river located on the world map has the main feature that it flows in a boomerang curve shape. Its shape cofounded and confused European geographers for 1000 years. The niger river is also popular with the name oil river. It produces and harvests large amounts of palm oil along its banks mainly in the inland delta in Mali.

Listed below are the 5 tourist attractions for travellers to explore:

  1. Lotus Spa (Best Place for Massage and Gym)
  2. Niger Sahara (Desert)
  3. Niamey Grand Mosque (Religious Place)
  4. Ferme Youyou(Nature & Wildlife Farms)
  5. National Museum of Niger(Art Museums)

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