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Potomac River Map | United States Potomac River Map

In this article, we described all the special features of the Potomac River Map. The Potomac River is located in the United States of America. The main position of the river is in the east-central United States starting in the north and south of the Appalachian Mountains of western Virginia. The basin of the river extends across four states that includes Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and west Virginia. It is the 21st largest in the United States and the fourth largest on the east coast of the united states.

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Potomac River Map

Potomac river map


let’s learn how convenient is given the Potomac River Map in finding positions and near places along the river. The river drains the middle Atlantic United States and continues from the Potomac highlands into the Chesapeake Bay. The length of the river is 652 km(405miles) having a drainage area of 14,700 square miles. The river has the most important union army because it traced the border of the union and the confederacy during the American civil war. It is functional as a driveway for transport.

Potomac River on Map 

Potomac river on map 


Here we have mentioned the plantation and environment of the Potomac River. Rippon lodge has a plantation for tobacco and wheat. It was built in the 1740s and oldest home in prince William county. The Potomac River is the home of many fishes from largemouth to migratory shad. There are more fishes like bluegill, pumpkinseed, and green sunfish are commonly found in this river. You can wonder that this river is home to large wildlife with dolphins, muskellunge, blue crabs, white perch, and bass in the water.

United States Potomac River Map

united states Potomac River map 


The Potomac River runs over 383 miles from Fairfax Stone, West Virginia to highlight Lookout, Maryland. Look map of the Potomac River with its watershed. the watershed is the area where the water drains from the mouth of the river. Above 5 million people live within the Potomac watershed. Accompanying watershed, across multiple geological regions that include the coastal plain, blue ridge, the Appalachian Plateau, Piedmont, and Ridge & Valleys. This river consists of many tributaries which include the Anacostia River, Cacapon, Savage River, North Branch, Shenandoah South Branch, Monocacy River, and Antietam Creek.

Potomac River Kayaking Map

Potomac river kayaking map


Tourism is very significant to help a country in creating good revenue for attaining growth. This is the best task for relaxing your mind and your body too. The river is also giving the best opportunities in tourism to explore beyond your expectations. You can experience many physical activities like sailing, biking tours, theme tour, kayaking, water tours, and sightseeing walking.

10 tourist attractions near the Potomac River are:

  1. Green Ridge State Forest (Best for hiking, fishing, and forest view)
  2. George Washington headquarters (Historical Place)
  3. Tri-State Zoological Park (Zoo)
  4. Paw Paw Tunnel (Historical Place)
  5. Allegany Museum
  6. Rocky Gap State Park (lake view, hiking)
  7. Berkeley Spring Park
  8. Great Allegheny Passage (For mountain view)
  9. Gordan Roberts House (Museum)
  10. Maryland (Sightseeing)

Potomac River is very useful for irrigation, transportation, generating electricity, is home to many animals, for leisure activities, and most important for drinking. So, rivers are our whole world around which we are living and surviving with their fruitful properties. Please do not pollute it because it carries not only water but also our precious life.

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