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Sahara Desert World Map: Sahara Desert location on World Map

Sahara Desert World Map: It is the country’s greatest wasteland. It stretches the entire length of Africa And the middle east, measuring about 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometers) east to the west somewhere between 800 and 1,200 kilometers northward. With a total area of 3,320,000 square kilometers (8,600,000 square kilometers); the exact area fluctuates as the region increases in size accented with oil-rubbed time.

We have other world maps also on the website with their image and PDF format such as:

Sahara Desert on World Map

Sahara Desert On World Map


Firstly, the North Atlantic borders the world map Sahara Desert on the southwest, the Himalayan Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean on the north, Mediterranean the Red Sea also on the east. And, thus the Sahel also on the south—a semiarid area that serves as a critical link seen between Sahara and the stretch of tropical open plains to that same south.

Much of North Africa is desert, except for the lush Middle eastern Sea coast, the Rocky Mountains of Algeria, and the Surrounding Region in Northern Africa. It runs from the Blue Sea and the gulf and or the Riviera in the southwest to the Atlantic West, with deserts giving way to coastal lowlands.

The Sahel, another region of subtropical vegetation along the Niger River basin and or the Sudan Geographic area of Inter Africa, borders it to the south. The west Sahara, this same central Approach assumed Mountains, including Tibesti Mountainous regions, the Ar Mountain range. The Ténéré Desert and the Mediterranean Desert are some of the regional economic communities up the Sahara.

In addition, The Sahara is mostly made up of mountainous hamada; ergs make up a small part of something like the landscape, yet several of the salt flats reach heights including over 180 meters (590 feet). Beaches, dune regions, beach seas, pebble plateaus, gravel flats, dry slopes, dry lagoons. And, salt lakes are almost all formed by weather or unusual moisture. The Richat Structures in Mauritania is an unusual mountain range.

The Ar Mountains, Ahaggar Mountain peaks, Saharan Alps, Tibesti Mountainous areas, Adrar du Iforas. And, indeed the Mediterranean Sea Hills are among the many severely divided, volcanic islands that rise from dunes. Email Koussi, a plate eruption near northern Gary’s Tibesti massif, is the tallest mountain there in Sahara.

Sahara Desert location on World Map

Sahara Desert location on World Map


Where is the Sahara Desert located on a world map? The location of Sahara Desert in world map has been the biggest hot desert on the planet. This is under the metropolitan ridge, a large belt of mid regional heat constant pressure as gas from either the mesosphere normally falls. Heat and washing lower altitudes and inhibiting cloud formation. Like, the lack of clouds allows for unrestricted radiant heat radiation.

As a result, the weather is usually bright, dry, and steady, with little danger of rain. Subsiding, divergent, dry weather systems related to warm waters programs require heat transfer precipitation exceedingly difficult to form. The climatic wave is the primary cause of this huge region’s hot deserts. Over the eastern portion of the Sahara Desert, inside this Libyan Desert. However, The descending airflow is the strongest and most effective: here is the visible light illumination, harshest. And, practically “rainless” location upon this earth, rivaling the Patagonia Wilderness in Chile as well as Peru.

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