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Tennessee River Map | Map of Tennessee River

In this article, we will be going to read about the Tennessee river map. Rivers play a vital role in maintaining the growth of the country with special features and their usefulness. Tennesse river also has its unique classification and traits that fulfill the basic requirement of the people living near it. It is also giving goodness to agriculture and the economy in developing most as compared to others. Here, we will be providing you with a pdf and images of the Tennessee river which will help you in exploring and studying its importance and peculiarity. To gain knowledge of more world maps explore the links given below:

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Tennessee River Map

Tennessee river map


For your reference, we have shown the Tennessee river map with all precise routes and directions. The Tennessee river map is the largest tributary of the Ohio river. It is 1,049 km long (652miles) and located in the southeastern united states in the Tennessee valley. The total drainage area of the river is 40,569sqmi with a depth of 9ft(2.7m). It has many cities and towns near it including-, Cherokee, Chattanooga, Crump, Harrison, Gilbertsville, and many more. The river has many tributaries offering water to people for 8000 years. Moreover, it is the main element for irrigation and hydropower systems.

Map of Tennessee River

Map of Tennessee river


Talking about the history of the Tennessee river it is once called the Cherokee river. The name Cherokee river comes from the Cherokee people living near the banks of the river. But the recent name of the Tennesse river map arrived from the current name of the Cherokee town called Tanasi. Tanasi is a place on the Appalachian mountain. The upper part of the river is famous for freshwater fish and mussels. About 85 species of mussels and 176 species of fish can be viewed in this river. Due to pollution, many species of mussels are getting extinct all across the world. There are many birds like the bald eagle, cliff sparrows, and osprey that can be observed. Some animals including muskrats, beavers, and otters can be found in the river.

Tennessee River on Map

Tennessee river on map


This paragraph clearly shows the Tennessee river map with the given image. This is something interesting to learn that the Tennesse river is one of the rivers which leaves a state and then again remigrates to the same state. This map will help you learn the location of this river which will be beneficial for your studies and other research purposes.

Tennessee River on World Map

Tennessee river on world map


Refer to this description of the Tennesse river map for more knowledge. Below we have mentioned some of the important factors related to the river:

  1. The major river in the united states from western north Carolina to western Kentucky.
  2. Lake sturgeon (weighing 300 pounds) is the largest fish found in the Tennesse river.
  3. Hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, biking, and climbing are the adventurous activities available here.
  4. Swimming cannot be possible on this river because of crowds of boats, fishing craft, and barges.
  5. lakes near this river are Norris lake, Douglas lake, Reelfoot lake, and Cherokee with a peaceful environment near it.

Where is Tennessee River on World Map

where is Tennessee river on world map


The 5most wonderful places to explore in the Tennessee river valley

  1. Lovers leap (Natural sight)
  2. Great Smoky Mountain National Park
  3. Burgess Falls State Park(spotted with beautiful waterfall)
  4. Gatlinburg
  5. Dollywood Expresses Steam Train.

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