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Yellow River Map | Yellow River on Map

This article will give you a complete description of the Yellow River Map situated in china. Studies show that it is the second longest river in china after the Yangtze river. It is mentioned as the cradle of Chinese civilization. it adheres that the Chinese civilization originated from the yellow river valley. The river has a good appearance with its dynamic features and condition. Here, we have gathered all information about this river with images and pdf. Explore more river maps for your reference.

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Yellow River Map

Let’s learn the significance of the Yellow River Map. The river is called the yellow river as it carries a high quantity of loess sediment which is eroded. It is the sixth longest river in the world with a length of 5,464km. it originates in the bayan har mountains in the province of western flows through nine provinces and finally, it ends in the Bohai sea near the city of Dongying. Due to its origination in Chinese civilizations, the yellow river has many nicknames like cradle of Chinese civilization, mother river, chinas sorrow, chinas pride, etc.

Yellow River on Map

yellow river on map


The yellow river map located in the given originates in the Bayan Har mountains located on the eastern plateau of Tibet. It has an elevation of about 1500 feet(4,600 metres). The river and its tributaries cover some oldest cities like Lanzhou, Baotou, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Luoyang, and Zhengzhou. Its necessity of water and rich soil bring agricultural wealth required to support the chinas population. Due to its water quality and rich soil, the river has contributed huge agricultural abundance that supports a large population of china.

Yellow River on World Map

yellow river on world map


The flora and fauna of the yellow river have varied qualities according to their location. The plants near the high area of the river are flycatcher and golden alpine sandwort. There are grasses all near the sides of the river. There are wild animals in high elevation which includes wild yak, musk deer, and chiru (Tibetan antelope). Plants and animals are very crucial for the ecosystem to be stable.

Map of Yellow River

Map of Yellow River


Keeping pollution controlled and regulated is very important for every river in the country. It is estimated that only one-third of the river water is undrinkable and not fit for millions of people living there. The yellow river basin ecological protection and environmental pollution control program is helping the china basin approved in October 2021 in controlling pollution.

Where is the Yellow River located on a Map

where is the yellow river located on a map


Hukou waterfall is the largest waterfall on the yellow river map. It is a lovely place to explore by tourists and the best place to enjoy with your friends and family. There are more places to explore near the yellow river which includes below.

  1. Lanzhou city (Major attraction with Zhongshan Iron Bridge, Waterwheel Garden and Five Springs Mountains.
  2. Luoyang (The ancient capital of china with the attraction of Buddhist Grottoes)
  3. Zhengzhou (Beautiful scenery with the attraction of Shaolin Temple and Mount Song)
  4. Henan National Museum
  5. Kaifeng Museum.

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